This is the class we’re all been waiting for! We are totally stoked to announce our Surfboard Design and Build classes will be starting Wednesday, September 7th. Learn the basics of designing and building a surfboard using the latest methods and eco-friendly products (foam, fiberglass, and resins) that are the future for surfboard manufacturing. By the end of this 3-part course, you will have a CNC cut, and hand finished surfboard that’s ready to go shred! Everyone is welcome from groms (kids) to pros (bigger kids); our only requirement for you to take this series is the desire to build your own personal masterpiece! SURF’S UP!



Learn to build a complete surfboard from scratch using Urban Workshop’s Laguna Tools CNC Router! Topics covered in this 3-part class include: Board geometry variables, design in BoardCAD, creating tool paths for the CNC Router, foam-stringer glue-up, CNC machining, foam sanding techniques, fin box creation, and glassing techniques from base coat through to polish coat.

• SRF101 Surfboard Design will cover the 3D design skills required in both Autodesk Fusion360 and BoardCad, provide a comprehensive review of board sizing and shaping variables, as well as show you how to create toolpaths for the CNC machine.
• SRF102 Surfboard Shaping will cover the stringer/foam glue-up, setup and operation of the CNC Router to create the board blank, hands-on finish sanding techniques for the CNC foam blank, fin box layout/routing/glueing, and how to create custom graphics for your board using rice paper and an inkjet printer!
• SRF103 Surfboard Laminating is an “open-workshop” which will cover start-to-finish glassing techniques, hands-on glassing, hot coating and final polishing. Drying time between coats is included in the open-workshop concept. Each student will have 1 month from the time of their first class to complete the glassing and finishing phase (SRF103). You are welcome to attend as many sessions of SRF103 within that time period as necessary in order to have technical support and ongoing hands-on help to teach you everything you need to get out of the shop and in to the lineup as fast as possible.

Class Series cost is $720.00 for all 3 parts, including all materials. The only pre-requisites you need are basic computer knowledge, basic hand tool knowledge, and the desire to build your own surfboard! Maximum class size will be 4, but we will look to expand this as demand increases. Sign up early, as these classes are already filling fast!

All participants will be required to bring a laptop with both Autodesk Fusion360 and BoardCAD pre-installed. Laptops are available on-site, but we have a limited supply, so please call ahead to reserve a laptop for your class session if necessary. Both software packages are free to download and are available for both Windows and Apple Operating Systems. The programs may be downloaded by following these links:


Autodesk Fusion360: