Details for Attending a Class at Urban Workshop


Choose the class you would like to attend from the class calendar.

Call Urban Workshop to register for the class and time that works for you. Please have a credit card ready to pay for the class at the time the reservation is made.

Arrive before class starts. If you are late, you will not be allowed into the class.

Out of respect for instructors and other students, late arrivals are not permitted to participate in class. Our classes are short, and it is unfair to make other people wait or repeat the beginning of class for a late student. If you are late, your class fees will not be refunded. If you know you will be a few minutes late, call the front desk if possible. On occasion, circumstances may allow a class to start a few minutes late for you.

Bring photo ID.

Please bring your Urban Workshop ID card whenever you come to Urban Workshop; you will need it to access the shop. If you are not a Urban Workshop member, bring another form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license or school ID.

Dress appropriately for the shop area in which you’re working.

Urban Workshop wants to ensure that you learn in a safe environment. For this reason, we have designated a dress code and require that safety equipment be worn in certain areas of the shop. Please read the following and dress appropriately for your class:

  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times, in all areas.
  • In areas that involve working with high temperatures, like welding, metal casting and powder coating, long-sleeved shirts and long pants are required. Clothing should be made from natural fibers or leather, so it doesn’t melt if it contacts something hot.
  • When using most power tools, especially drills, saws, mills and lathes, you must wear short-sleeved shirts, pull back long hair securely and remove any hanging jewelry.
  • Check your class listing for mandatory and advisable safety equipment.
  • Equipment or clothing listed as mandatory must be worn or used while working with that equipment or taking that class. Urban Workshop will have loaner items for mandatory safety equipment, with the exception of shoes and other types of clothing. Many of these items will be for sale in the lobby; arrive early if you need to borrow or purchase safety gear.
  • Equipment listed as advisable is a suggestion from Urban Workshop, but not mandatory. These items are generally not available as loaners from Urban Workshop. They may be for sale in the lobby.

For your own safety, you will not be allowed to attend class if your attire is deemed inappropriate. If you have any questions about your class or what to wear, please contact the Urban Workshop. Additional information about required and recommended safety equipment and clothing is listed in the class description online.

Be ready to participate. Please turn off your phone and join the class.

Your time is important and so is everyone else’s. In order to maximize the class experience, you will need to be both physically and mentally present.

  • Give your phone a break. Turn it off when you get to class.
  • Students who are disruptive or distracted will be asked to leave the class, and they will need to take it again.