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3D Printing

Dimension Elite 3D Printer (Free)


Autoshop Classes

Auto Lift Basics

Auto Basic Preventative Maintenance

Basic Power Mechanics & 4-cycle Engine Theory

Hand Tool Basics (Coming Soon)

Racecar Chassis Setup Basics (Coming Soon)

Racecar Chassis Setup Advanced (Coming Soon)

Intro to Shock Dyno  (Coming Soon)


Computer Aided Design Software

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk Fusion 360 Intro

Autodesk Fusion 360 Advanced


CAD Intro to 3D Concepts using SolidWorks

CAD Drawings using SolidWorks


CNC Training (Router and VMC)

Laguna CNC Router:  Programming

Laguna CNC Router:  Setup Machine

Laguna CNC Router: Advanced 3D programming in HSMWorks

Haas CNC Mill:  Concepts of CNC

Haas CNC Mill:  G-Code Programming

Haas CNC Mill:  Programming in HSMWorks

Haas CNC Mill:  Part fixturing and work holding

Haas CNC Mill:  Machine Operation


Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Soldering and Electronics Basics

Intro to LabView and Virtual Bench by National instruments

Arduino Intro (includes parts kit for all 5 classes)

Arduino Basic Coding

Arduino Advanced Coding

Arduino Displays

Arduino Inputs

Arduino Outputs


Fabrication Techniques

Silicone RTV Moldmaking and Casting

Carbon Fiber Basics (Coming soon)

Fiberglass Basics (Coming soon)

Plastic Injection molding on the Morgan G-100T Injection machine (Coming soon)

Injection molding tool design (Coming soon)


Fabrics and Sewing

Juki Industrial sewing machine operation

Four color silk screening basics

Leather Tooling and Dyeing


Jewelry Making

Jewelry and silver soldering


Laser Etching and Cutting

Laser Cutting and Etching


Manual Machine Tools

Milling Basics on Bridgeport machine

Lathe Basics

Metal Shop Basics

Advanced Milling: Tramming and Precision  (Coming soon)

Advanced Lathe: Feeds and Workholding (Coming soon)

Advanced Lathe: Tooling and Tool Grinding (Coming soon)

Advanced Lathe:  Knurling and Threading (Coming soon)


Small Business Topics

Small Business Formation and Legal Structures (Free – held Quarterly in Urban Workshop Event Room)

How to File your Patent Application: Nuts and Bolts  (Free – held Quarterly in Urban Workshop Event Room)

Patenting Your Invention:  Ins and Outs of Patents (Free – held Quarterly in Urban Workshop Event Room)


Workshop Classes

Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Workshop

Electric guitar build workshop (Coming soon)

Skateboard deck construction (layup and routing)

Vintage Skateboard deck making

Surf board shaping, CNC cutting and layup workshop – 3 sessions



Oxy-Acetylene Torch Basics

MIG Welding Basics

MIG Welding:  Tube Welding (on request)

Stick Welding Basics  (on request)

TIG Welding Basics

TIG Welding: Aluminum

TIG Welding: Stainless Steel


Wood Working

Wood Shop Basics

Hand Tool Basics (Coming soon)

Cabinet Making: Design/Construction (Coming soon)

Cabinet Making: Design / Construction (Coming soon)

Advanced Woodworking: Joinery (Coming soon)


Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Former Basics and Materials


Vinyl Cutter Operation

Vinyl Cutter