Join Urban Workshop today and get access to over a million dollars of modern high tech equipment, the latest software, a huge variety of hand and power tools in a fun work space. All for a very reasonable monthly membership fee. As a member you can work on YOUR project as often as YOU like. Our experienced staff is always available to offer advice and help in any way they can. So come join our community of makers, inventors, engineers, hobbyists, tinkerers, DIY’ers, students, and entrepreneurs and make your mark. Below are the available membership packages, just click to join. Or you can visit our Costa Mesa location to join in person. We look forward to seeing you at Urban Workshop, the ultimate DIY workshop and makerspace. Please call 949-296-2153 if you have any questions.

Members also get:

Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD software and V-Carve Pro software for FREE!

20% discount at Industrial Metal Supply on all materials

10% – 20% discounts at Austin Hardwood, OC Lumber, A1 Foam and Fabric, and many more…

Individual Memberships

Family Add-On Memberships

Student and Military Memberships

Life Time Memberships

Corporate Memberships

 Team Membership

Additional Services

Storage Space

Bin Storage $25 / Month

Shelf Storage $50 / Month

Indoor Storage Area – 5′ x 10′  $175 / month

Indoor Storage Area – 10′ x 10′  $350 / month

Indoor Storage Area – 10′ x 20′  $700 / month

Indoor Storage Area – 20′ x 20′  $1,400 / month

1/3 of Outdoor Shipping Container Storage (36 sqft) $125 / Month

1/2 of Outdoor Shipping Container Storage (58 sqft) $200 / Month

Entire 20′ Outdoor Shipping Container Storage (153 sqft) $535 / Month

Outdoor yard storage (Approx 9′ x 18′) $300 / Month

Outdoor yard storage (Approx 15′ x 20′) $600 / Month


Basic Safety Classes – $65 to $120

Advanced Classes – $125 to $200

Special Services

Engineering and Design

CNC Machining

3D Printing

Facility Rentals

Offices and Conference rooms

Assembly Work Area