Refund Policy: All membership purchases are final.

Recurring Membership Cancellation Policy: Recurring memberships may be canceled at any time if there are no outstanding contracts or commitments. Customers with outstanding contracts or commitments must fulfill the terms of their contract or commitment before canceling their recurring membership. Recurring memberships must be canceled no less than 5 business days before the next billing due date or one additional membership term may be charged.



Refund Policy: Class refunds or a class credit can be provided if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the class. There is no refund or class credit available if you do not call prior to 24 hours before the start of the class. Students must request a refund in person or by phone regardless of how the registration was made.

Missed Classes Policy: There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups or deferments for missed classes. Please call the Urban Workshop if you believe you are going to be late or miss the class prior to the class.

Cancellation Policy: Urban Workshop reserves the right to cancel any class for any reason. Students enrolled in a class which is canceled will be notified by phone or email if a valid phone or email address has been provided. Students enrolled in a canceled class will be offered a class credit or refund for the class.



Medical or Family Emergency: Any member that has a Medical of Family emergency may suspend their membership for up to 3 months. If warranted, this period may be extended at the approval of an Urban Workshop manager.

Military Deployment: Any member that serves in any branch of the armed forces may suspend their membership for the entire length of their military deployment.


If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact us at 949-296-2153.

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