Class Tracks

We created class tracks to help people get started on their path to mastery. These class tracks guide students along a path to help you learn about a particular subject and give you the confidence needed to take on any project. They are formatted so that the first few classes teach you about the tools, setup, fixturing, and application. Each track ends with at least one project giving you a chance to apply all you have learned.

The class tracks meet once a week for 8 weeks. Each class is 3 hours long. Some of the classes also serve as sign-off classes so be sure to ask the instructor so you know which areas and tools you can come back and use as a member.

Blacksmithing Class Track

Blacksmithing is a blast and is incredibly popular. The rise of TV shows like Forged in Fire have shown everyone just how cool it can be beating a flaming hot piece in to something new. And don’t be fooled, it is an art! One that takes practice, but with instruction it can quickly become a fun pastime or activity that becomes a business. Whatever your goals, you are in for a good time.

Students who complete this track will be signed off to use the metal shop, MIG welders, and Oxyacetylene Torches. They can also take the Level 4 Blacksmithing sign-off class and be cleared to use our Blacksmithing area whenever they like as a member. This track meets once a week for 8 weeks.

This Track includes:

BLK101 – Blacksmithing Level 1
BLK102 – Blacksmithing Level 2
BLK103 – Blacksmithing Level 3
MTL101 – Metal Shop Basics
WLD101 – MIG Welding Basics
WLD401 – Oxyacetylene Torch Basics
Final Project (2 Sessions)

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Welding Class Track

Welding is as fun as it is practical. This track will teach you about metal and the myriad of ways to stick it together to make functional projects, machines, or incredible art work. This is a foundational skill, that once mastered, opens up a doorway to so many possibilites.

Students who complete this track will be signed off to use the metal shop, MIG welders, and TIG welders when ever they like as members. This track meets once a week for 8 weeks.

This track includes:

WLD101 – MIG Welding Basics
ENG301 – Metal Properties
MTL101 – Metal Shop Basics
WLD201 – TIG Welding Basics
WLD105 – Welding Fabrication Techniques
Final Project – Welded Sculpture (3 sessions)

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Woodshop Class Track

Everyone loves the smell of fresh cut wood, especially when you’re the one cutting it. This is our most popular track because, well, because everyone loves wood working. This skills learned in this series will provide a solid foundation to build on whether you want to build furniture, refinish an antique, or fix the trim on the house.

Students who complete this track will be signed off to use the woodshop whenever they like as members. This track meets once a week for 8 weeks.

This track includes:

WOD101 – Woodshop Basics
ENG303 – Wood Properties
WOD403 – Joinery Techniques
WOD404 – Finishing Techniques
WOD103 – Woodshop Jig Making
Final Project – End Table (3 Sessions)

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Laser Etching and Design Class Track

This 5-week laser design class track is formatted to teach fundamental concepts and skills in the use of our laser etching and cutting machines, electronics, soldering, and 2-D design in CorelDraw that will help you on your way to creating your own multifaceted projects on the lasers. Students in this class track will meet once a week for a total of 5 individual 3-hour sessions. For those with an Urban Workshop Membership, this course signs students off on our Epilog Laser machines.

Starting with the basics, students will learn how to operate the epilog laser machines how to adjust their settings and troubleshoot ways to improve their outcomes, and then dive into how to create their own 2-D designs using CorelDraw. Students will then take a course in soldering to create their own digital clock. For a final project, students will be challenged to design and create a custom casing for their clock on the lasers out of the provided material.

The goal of this class track is to provide the leadership and knowledge needed for someone to bring their creative vision to reality all while instilling the best safety practices and skill set needed to start your journey in laser designs.

Courses Include:
LAS101 – Laser Cutting & Etching Basics
DSN103 – Corel Draw Basics
LAS102 – Advanced Cutting & Etching Techniques
EEE102 – Soldering Basics
Final Project – Digital Clock Box on the Laser

Attire: Pants, closed toe shoes, shirt that covers shoulders.

Age: 18 years of age or above. Ages 16-17 with parent permission.

Price: $375

Prerequisites: None

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